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3D Gallery Budapest


Free entrance ticket (standard)


€ 12.00 Adult / € 9.00 Child

Phone to make a reservation in advance to save waiting time. Standard ticket includes one printed photo. Extra prints can be purchased at the gallery.

Are you bored with walking all day long in the city? Would you like to do something unique and funny in Budapest to make your journey unforgettable? Come and visit the 3D Gallery Budapest where you can be part of art!

The 3D Gallery Budapest is an interactive gallery located in the heart of Budapest, behind the St. Stephen Basilica. Here you can have unforgettable experience combining art with taking photos. The interactive gallery means that you can touch all the paintings freely so you can create your own ideas easily. In the 300m2 gallery more than 30 paintings are just waiting for you to be part of them.

Here you are not only allowed to use your phones but it’s a must. Bring your phones and cameras and take as many pictures as you want so you can remember the wonderful time you spent in our gallery each and every day! The gallery can be a funny and unique visit for all ages.

In the gallery you are experiencing the wonders of art and also becoming a part of it. Be a professional photographer, painter, artist, editor or choreographer! Look at your own art pieces through the glass of optical illusions and three-dimensional effects. Create your unique compositions! Realise your ideas. Our paintings are given but the directions you can go from there are numerous. Create your own miracles - the 3D Gallery is just waiting for you!

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+36 30 211 8863


Bajcsy Zsilinszky str. 17 Budapest

Opening Hours

Daily. Mon - Thu 1000 - 2000, Fri - Sun 1000 - 2100

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