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Budapest by Night Tuk Tuk Tour


Free ticket for the 1 hour tour (based on minimum 2 people travelling together)


€ 34.00 Adult / € 34.00 Child

Minimum 2 people. For solo passengers you can choose to pay the cost difference directly to the Budapest TukTuk team.

Bookings should be made in advance by phone or email and to arrange your pick up point

On this one hour tour your driver will take you to the beautiful, hidden corners of Budapest that nobody else can reach! 

Let the tiny engine of the tuk tuk carry you around and experience the atmosphere of the city as night falls. 

Stunning during the day, at night this beautiful city positively sparkles! Be blown away by the night lights of Budapest with the wind in your hair - all in one trip! Just sit back and relax! 

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+36 70257 3020

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0900- 2100 every day

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