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Night and the City Budapest Tour


Free ticket for the 2-hour tour


€ 27.00 Adult



Bookings should be made in advance by email.

This is a self-guided tour which requires the download of a smart phone app. Although the tour will be downloaded into your device after purchase, minimal cellular data is required when claiming the bites. Please make sure you have access to cellular data

Tours operate all year long from Sunday to Friday between 18:30- 22:30. No tours are available on Saturday. This tour is not available on national holidays. Duration: 2 hours. Starting point: Klauzal ter 4, Budapest

Note that you may be asked to wait to receive your bite, depending on server availability, and seating may not be available.

This is a self-guided tour which requires the download of an smart phone app. Bitemojo is an application that provides the user with self-guided neighborhood culinary tours in cities across the world. Bitemojo takes the user on a journey through the given community’s vital history, identifying key points of interest along the route to the tasty bites of local cuisine.

With the assistance of a smartphone app, explore Budapest's nightlife with this food tour. Along a curated route, you will explore this popular city and its hidden gems. The tour will include 5 food and drink tastings from carefully selected vendors.

Your visit to Budapest would not be complete without experiencing the unique world of "ruin bars." This super popular trend, which began with the opening of Szimpla Kert, the quintessential ruin bar, nearly twenty years ago, is among the hippest nightlife experiences in Europe. The bars are situated in what used to be Budapest's Jewish quarter, which was abandoned and left to decay after World War II. The bars are set up in the ruins of abandoned factories, deserted apartment buildings, cellars and stores. 

Ruin bars offer cheap drinks, some food, great music, dance floors and street art. They are also friendly, unpretentious and really fun places to drink and hang out. The existence of the ruin bars and the vast numbers of people who frequent them attracted other, more upscale restaurants and bars to the neighborhood, turning it into an important cultural and gastronomical hotspot of the city. 

Besides the classic ruin bars, you will visit trendy eating places, learn about great Hungarian wines and see that there is more depth and richness in this neighborhood than initially meets the eye. Come wander the streets of the Jewish quarter and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of this truly unique neighborhood of Budapest.

Includes: Pop Up Flamingo cocktail with lychee liqueur and vodka or Green Lantern cocktail with Midori liqueur and rum at Warm Up - Classic pork sausage with pickled vegetables, mustard and bread or chicken liver paté with ginger-applesauce on bread at Cupákos - Lángos with sour cream and cheese or creamy sheep's curd cheese and grilled paprika topping at Lángos Burger - Choice of Hungarian white or red wine at Doblo - Choice of Pálinka at Muter 

Excluded: Transportation - Additional food and drinks at participating vendors

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Klauzal ter 4, Budapest

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