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Ruin Pubs - Alternative Budapest Walking Tour


Free ticket for the 3 hour walking tour. 


€ 35.00 Adult



Bookings should be made in advance.

Food and drinks consumed during the tour are not included in the tour price.

Tour meeting point Madách Imre Way 3. Departs every Thursday at 4pm

This 3 hour small group walking tour is NOT a pub crawl – instead you’ll come away with an understanding of Budapest’s unique underground culture and how the party got started here. The tour takes place in the early evening hours which, and perfect way to see area’s changing pace as it turns from day to night.

Did you know that the Budapest ruin pubs originated only a decade ago in the diverse and historically interesting Jewish Quarter? Go forward ten years they have completely reshaped the city’s culturaland nightlife landscape, firmly putting Budapest on the map.

On this tour, you’ll get to know the backstory of Budapest’s most intriguing district, learning about its former inhabitants, it’s tragic downfall during and after WWII and how it managed to rise from the ashes as the epicentre of Budapest’s nightlife and alternative arts scene. Along the way, we’ll visit both the legendary ruin pubs and some secluded ones that most tourists will never even have heard of!

Aside from dipping into the city’s drinking scene, we’ll also check out all the other things that make this district one of the city’s most vibrant. As we walk the city, you’ll get a chance to take in the atmosphere, hear unique stories, the neighbourhood’s ubiquitous street art explore some of the best local designer shops, galleries and bookstores.

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