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Széchenyi Bath


Ticket for entry with cabin included


€ 21.00 Adult / € 21.00 Child

Please present your pass to the Hungaria Koncert welcome desk at the baths entrance. Not available during Dec 24th to Jan 9th

The Széchenyi Bath is largest thermal spring bath complex not only in Budapest, in but whole Europe as well. It's also the first thermal bath of Pest.

It owes its existence to Vilmos Zsigmondy, a mining engineer; on his initiative, successful deep borings had been performed in the City Park, where later, in 1881 already an "Artesian bath" was in operation. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath was built in 1913 in neo-baroque style o­n the basis of plans composed by Gyozo Czigler. At that time it had private baths, separate men and women steam-bath sections, and different men / women "public baths".

The complex was expanded in 1927, and currently has 3 outdoor, and 15 indoor pools. After its expansion, the thermal artesian well couldn't fullfill its purpose, so a new well was drilled. The second thermal spring was found in 1938. Its depth is 1256m (4 120 ft), and its temperature is 77 °C (170.6 °F) and it supplies 6.000.000 litres (1 585 032 US gallons) of hot water daily.

The complex was damaged during the second world war, and was reconstructed in many steps till 1952, when the daily hospital service opened for people who needed physico therapy treatment.

The reconstruction of the pools of the swimming section, their equipment with water filtering and circulation devices was completed in 1999. The so-called fancy bath includes a whirling corridor, underwater effervescence production, neck shower, water beam back massage installed in the sitting banks and many other features.

Its thermal spring is one of the deepest and warmest in the city. The bath is located in the City park, opposite of the City Circus and it can be reached by subway line No. 1 (station of the same name: Széchenyi fürdő).

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+36 1 317 1377


Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Budapest

Opening Hours

Entry is possible between 0900 and 1800 only.

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