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Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum & Memorial


Free ticket for the tour


€ 37.00 Adult / € 34.00 Child

Bookings should be made in advance by phone or email. Please advise the name and address of your accommodation when booking.

Please note that large backpacks and handbags are not permitted in Auschwitz Birkenau Museum. Maximum bag size is 20 / 30 cm

Time of pick-up can be changed – you will be informed by mobile phone, email or through the reception desk

Please note, in exceptional cases, the minivan might be replaced with a bigger bus, with very similar comfort

It is a site of terror which defies human description and understanding. Auschwitz was the biggest nazi concentration camp, the site of gradual destruction of prisoners and at the same time the biggest site of the genocide of the Jews. It is above all millions of human beings , among others the story of father Maximilian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life to save an inmate. The Camp has been recognised as a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. The current Auschwitz- Birkenau Camp is a symbol of human cruelty in the 20th century.

In the museum you can see the platforms on which the selections were held as well as the crematories and barracks that are now serving as sites for the exhibition. In the museum you will also have a chance to see the private belongings of the prisoners, items stolen from the deported jews and pictures: evidence of crimes left by the perpetrators. Apart from it you will see models, sculptures, prisoners’ clothes, bunk beds that they slept on as well as other object used by the inmates.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cracow.  The visit of Auschwitz I takes around 2 hours.

Afterwards, you will have a short 15 minute break before visiting Birkenau which takes about 1 hour.  Then you'll come back to Cracow to your hotel or any other place in downtown Cracow.

The drive from Cracow to Auschwitz takes about 1,5 h. You will travel in a comfortable and air-conditioned van.

In Auschwitz you can take pictures free of charge.

You can order a lunch box for your visit (pasta salad, mayonnaise sauce, chicken and vegetables, two sandwiches with ham, cheese and tomato, chocolate bar, drink – water / Coca-Cola / Sprite / Mirinda.

Price lunch box – 20 zł.

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