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Caving Guided Tour


Free tour


€ 59.90 Adult



Bookings must be made in advance (suggested 48 hours) by phone.

You must be in good physical condition and declare any physical illnesses.

Discover caving and an underground maze of rooms and tunnels that are suitable for the whole family. Mallorca is famous for caving and our guides will take you on a journey to the hidden depths of the islands limestone caves where rocks glisten like diamonds and getting dirty is all part of the fun as you crawl and climb to discover new chambers. 

Our experienced instructors will safely lead you through these subterranean landscapes as you crawl and scramble through the underground cave system. This is a classic outdoor activity but with a real Mallorcan twist. Don´t miss out on the Diamond room where our guides will show you this natural phenomenon where the rocks glisten like rows of diamonds. You don't need to have done caving or potholing before as these horizontal cave systems are a perfect introduction to the underground world of caving.

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+34 687 358 922


Avda Son Nouguerac no 7 Nave 3, Local 2 Poligon Son Noguera Lluc Major 07620

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