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Mallorca Sky to Sea Tour


Free ticket for the tour which includes local English-speaking guide, lunch (including 1 drink of choice e.g. beer, orange juice, and water), local transportation fee.


€ 77.00 Adult / € 49.00 Child

Bookings must be made in advance by phone or email.

This is a child-friendly tour; however please note that this tour involves a three-hour walk in the mountains. While the walk is not hard, you’ll want to ensure your child is comfortable walking for that amount of time

The meeting point for the tour is in front of the equestrian statue of King James I, in Plaza España, Palma at 10.30am from Mondays to Fridays. Tour duration is 8 hours.

The true beauty of Mallorca is actually hidden to most tourists, who spend all their time on the busy beaches that everyone knows. Instead of following the crowds, we’re keeping it super-local on this Mallorca tour that shows you where to find the real beauty that only locals know. Tag along as we trek out to a unique corner of the island, far beyond the massive beaches of the south. 

We’ll meet in town, then take a comfortable local bus to reach the beginning of our walk. From there, the trail we’ll follow is a historical path, once used by postmen to go from one village to another. As we walk, we’ll learn about native Mediterranean plants, and stop to admire the panoramic view from a mountaintop. We’ll land in the historical village of Serra Tramuntana and discover Arabic influences in the local architecture and agricultural traditions. 

We’ll then arrive at a hidden beach — well, hidden to the tourists, that is! Locals love to go here, and we’ll join them as we soak up the sun and sea, and dig into a delicious lunch of typical Mallorcan food and drinks, such as empanadas and cocas de trampò. We’ll also dig into some delicious desserts such as ensaimada or a gatò with almonds... delicious! All of these treats come from the village’s historic bakery, and locals love them — so we’re pretty sure you’ll love them, too! 

In the summer months, you can work off your lunch with a dip in the sea; in winter, just lie out in the sun and soak up that easy Mediterranean vibe. 

In the afternoon, we’ll again board the local bus to take us back into Palma, where you’re free to explore on your own. 

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